What is coParenter?

coParenter: Kids at the Center. Not in the Middle.

At coParenter, we know that raising kids is hard. And for more than 30 million separated, divorced or non-married people sharing that responsibility, it’s even harder. That’s why we provide the tools and resources parents need to make the best decisions for their children. Because kids should be at the center, not in the middle.

Free Tools for Putting Your Children First

Children thrive when parents cooperate, collaborate and coParent. And simply put, they suffer when parents don’t. coParenter keeps the peace by helping parents manage, organize coParenting responsibilities with tools to legally resolve coParenting disputes without lawyers, judges or courts.

Tools for putting your children first
Eliminating he said, she said

Eliminating ‘He Said-She Said’

Powerful tools help you communicate, track your parenting/custody schedule and manage shared coParenting responsibilities. We’ll even keep accurate & authenticated records of your communication, agreements and disputes in case you (or a judge) needs them later.

More Peace, Less Court

Built-in conflict resolution tools, on-demand mediation and custom coaching with live, qualified coParenting professionals means better, more child-centric agreements and less fighting in court. Or worse yet, in front of your kids.

More peace, less court
Avoid attorney fees (save money)

Reduce Litigation Costs (Save Money)

If you do go to court, you may incur significant attorney fees, especially if it can be shown that court could have been avoided in the first place. Make your case stronger and more compelling with authenticated, evidence-ready documentation of your attempts to settle disputes outside of court.

Better coParenting

Unlock hundreds of premium articles, lessons and original videos to help you share and learn new coParenting skills, apply best practices and safely transition into your coParenting relationship.

Better coParenting

Document Requests, Plan Modifications & Agreements

Sometimes, even the best-laid plans change. Whether it’s a weekend swap, signing kids up for activities, expense reimbursements, holiday/travel planning, or getting passports, coParenter makes it simple to make and document child-centric proposals, responses, and resulting agreements. We even handle simple paperwork (travel authorizations, etc.) and updates to your calendars.

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