Become a coParenter Professional

Mediators, therapists, judicial officers, court employees, attorneys, and coParenting specialists become coParenter Professionals for different reasons. Whether you’re helping coParents avoid and/or stay out of court, seeking referrals, or looking for new ways to service existing clients, coParenter gives you unique tools that provide new levels of efficiency, efficacy, and connectivity.


Ordered/stipulated use of coParenter in medium and high conflict cases has been shown to increase order compliance, alleviate conflict, and enhance the quality and fidelity of coParenting while decreasing miscommunication, eliminating ‘He Said/She Said’ and dramatically decreasing ‘Frequent Filer’ dependency on scarce court resources.


From creating custom parenting plans to helping families resolve conflict in real-time, coParenter helps professionals connect with families in crisis in their moment of need. Whether you use coParenter to grow your client base or to better meet the needs of today’s demanding clients, coParenter offers innovative ways for you to increase professional flexibility, mobility, and revenue opportunities.

coParenter Works


  • coParenter disrupts the cycle of conflict that often comes with separation, divorce, and coParenting
  • Clear, straightforward parenting plans that synchronize on coParents' mobile devices
  • Powerful tools allow professionals to monitor communication, behavior, and coParenting responsibilities
  • coParenter was designed with guidance from leading judges, mediators, attorneys, coParenting professionals, and high-conflict specialists
  • We have developed coParenter with guidance and input from leading child well-being experts, child psychologists, and clinical researchers from Penn State, UCLA and beyond

coParenter Prioritizes Security, Safety and Confidentiality


Professionals are validated, carefully screened, insured, and certifications are checked
On-demand coParent Mediation and one-to-one coaching are confidential
Advanced cybersecurity tools keep user conversations secure from data leaks and hackers

coParenter is Simple and Intuitive


Manage and care for new and existing clients on a state-of-the-art platform
Work from anywhere with a cellular, wifi or hard-wired internet-connected computer or device (laptop/desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.), anytime and anywhere that you have a stable internet connection
Contribute your thought-leadership content to be included on the KidsBeforeConflict Blog and coParenter Facebook page (over 38k fans)

Become a coParenter Professional


coParenter is free to any practicing mediator, attorney, therapist, or coParenting Professional (parent coordinator, special master, coach, etc.) seeking to create and synchronize custom parenting plans for their clients. However, in order to be listed in the professional listings/offer services to parents outside your existing client base, you must be approved by coParenter.


Some of the qualifications include:

Operating within the United States
Already completed supervision hours and licensing exams, where applicable
Have current malpractice insurance

Professional Registration


(10 minutes)


Register for a professional account. You will need to provide some basic information about your practice, education, insurance, and experience.



(30 minutes)


Once you have submitted your request to offer services through coParenter, you will be contacted by a member of our Industry Development Team, to schedule an interview.



(30 minutes)


Upon approval, you will receive formal training from the coParenter team. The training is centered around understanding the coParenter platform, functionality, and use, as well as training in online dispute resolution and mediation best practices in an online environment.

Become a coParenter Professional