coParenter is a management and mediation platform that helps separating, divorced and never-married parents save money, stay out of court, and make better parenting decisions for their kids

Optimized Parenting Plans

Intelligent tools make it easy for coParents to create custom parenting plans and custody agreements and synchronize them across accounts. On-demand, licensed mediators assist parents in resolving disagreements, ensuring a Parenting Plan’s consistency, predictability and transparency. And a better coParenting Plan means better coParents.

Manage Schedules and Personalize your Profile

Seamlessly notify your coParent about proposed vacations, holidays and other parenting time changes and automatically update accounts to reflect agreed-to schedule modifications. Transparent schedule coordination minimizes mistakes, oversights and misunderstandings while providing authenticated, secure records of agreements if conflict escalates to court. Upload pictures of your kids to personalize your coParenter experience, visually keep your children at the center.

Instant Authenticated Communication

Easily, instantly and respectfully communicate with your coParent about child-related issues without having being triggered. Non-editable communication is time-and-date stamped, biometrically authenticated and securely stored in the cloud can be accessed by accredited third-parties, reducing misunderstandings, miscommunication and the ‘He Said/She Said’ that often complicates a coParenting relationship.

On Time Child Exchanges

Eliminate unnecessary waiting during pick ups and drop offs with coParenter Check In’s. When you arrive at your agreed upon pick up/drop off location, each coParent ‘Checks In’, sending a verified notification with included time, date and GPS location. A list of Check In history ensures that each parent maintains an accurate record of their arrival times for pick up and drop offs.

Make & Manage Requests, Modifcations, and Agreements

Judges and court officials appreciate coParents that make good faith efforts to resolve issues outside of court. That’s why coParenter offers professional, child centric tools that help parents make and document common proposals for parenting time changes, extracurricular activities, travel authorizations, expense reimbursements and more. The receiving coParent can agree, reject, ask for additional information or counter-offer requests. This helps to simplify negotiations across the range of issues coParents manage on a regular basis.

Get Help from Professionals

Do you feel that your coParent unfairly or unreasonably rejected a request? Wondering how to handle a specific situation? Need advice on how to word (or reword) a Request? Connect with your mediator, coParenting coordinator or therapist to arrive at a 3-way mediated agreement or connect one-one one with your coParenting coach, therapist or attorney. Don’t have a relationship with a professional? Search through coParenter’s network of local, experienced & verified coParenting professionals.

Self Diagnose

The family law system was specifically designed to be navigated by legal professionals but more than 85% of litigants are self-represented (no lawyer). This means parents regularly spend tremendous time, energy and money asking judges to rule on their non-legal coParenting issues in court. coParenter’s helps parents effectively diagnose and distinguish legal issues from coParenting concerns with built-in conflict resolution tools, on demand mediation and custom coaching to help them save money, stay out of court and make better decisions for their kids.

coParenting Education

coParenting is hard. That’s why coParenter works with world leading coParenting professionals, judges, therapists, mediators and attorneys to bring you research, information, tips, tricks and best practices that help you be a better coParent. With articles, insights and exclusive premium video, you’ll develop new skills and habits to help you take a more child-centric approach to coParenting.